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Creative Economics Research Group

Creative Economics

Creative economics, economics based on gaining value and wealth from artistic, cultural and knowledge capacities is one of the approaches to sustainable economic development that is important as a competitive advantage in the era of globalization of nations and hence the world economic trends in the 21st century towards a creative economy. In this approach, creative human capital is the key to growth and development, and the competition of nations is to attract them. Iran, with its rich cultural heritage, magnificent art, thousand years of civilization, creative and capable human capital, has the necessary capacity to develop a creative economy. The Institute of Creative Economics is based on the same ability to link research activities with the needs of society in the economic dimension so that with research and development thinking they can implement the thinking of developing creative economics in Iran. In the beginning, it started working with two research groups, that one group on the economic context and the other group on the artistic context of one of the branches of creative economics together and based on research and simultaneous operations on the commercialization of Iranian art industries.

Creative Economics Research Group

Creative Economics Research Group was formed with a research and development mission in the field of application of Iran’s creative economics approach and has four main goals in its medium-term goals:

  • Develop a model for the development of creative industries in the location
  • Promoting theoretical and applied knowledge of creative Economics
  • Develop a theory of place economy development based on the development of creative economics
  • Planning and development of creative industries parks in the country

With these mentioned goals, the current activities of the group are focused on the following projects:

  • Developing a model for the development of Iranian creative industries based on three areas: art-based, culture-based and knowledge-based
  • Compilation of statistical classifications of Iranian creative industries based on the international standard classifications of ISIC, CPC, ISCO
  • Determining the share of creative economy in the country’s economy
  • Plan and design place creative activities
  • Planning of Isfahan Sarmayeh Garden with the participation of Isfahan Municipality with the approach of developing creative parks
International Creative Economics Training Center

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