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Rokhsat Auction House – OLD

Rokhsat Auction House
لوگوی رخ‌ست

Cultural and Artistic Institute of “Roshan-Khana Mashq-e Honar” started its activities since 2017, honors, revives and markets the original Iranian art to create practical infrastructure for the development of the Iranian unique art market. Thus, the acceleration approach of the Iranian Art Economics has the aim of the identification, establishment and development, evaluation and valuation of works of art and finally branding. In this regard, it has put three main practices in its priorities, which are:

1 – Providing services for evaluation, valuation and issuance of valid identity cards for unique works of art;

2 – Networking the international market of Iranian works of art and creating digital galleries to display and present unique works of art in the international arena;

3 – Holding an auction event of works of art under the title of Rokhsat Auction House.

In this regard, to achieve the goals and promote the art, we are proud of a cooperation of well-known artists, collectors, gallery owners and experts who create a network of purposeful interactions in the field of selecting works, evaluating, valuing and communicating with specific art audiences to develop the Iranian glorious Art market. Our target arts currently include a variety of Iranian paintings, metal volumes, pottery volumes and wood volumes, calligraphy and a variety of weaving works.