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Setrokh Design Studio

Setrokh Design Studio

Setrokh Design Studio seeks to present art in the context of the audience’s life, considering creative thinking and based on the original Iranian identity, appropriate to different aspects of human life, offers a collection of functional and decorative products for the space layout with its most prominent feature, the uniqueness in terms of design and artistic thinking. Each product, having their own up-to-date and contemporary application feature, borrows the original and glorious Iranian art feature and is important as a piece of work of art. One of the most important parts of product design in this studio is the revival and contemporization of brocade. art, and this art is seen in all collections of products designed in the studio.

Setrokh brand includes creative thinking and modern designs in the form of magnificent and forgotten Iranian arts. Setrokh presents its collections based on the creativity and magnificent Iranian art and to revive the forgotten Iranian arts. The series of Setrokh products provides a special and unique offer to its audience to be different.

Studio’s Mission

Recreating of original Iranian art with an emphasis on the forgotten arts


The center of the design of art products of space layout


Commercialization of art in the heart of the audience’s life

Commercialization of art in the field of art goods of the space layout in the domestic and foreign markets

Supporting Iranian original artists

Rokhsat Brand’s slogan

Rokhsat, creativity illuminator

Product design requirements in Rokhsat design studio

Creativity, a valuation index in product design
Designing (set) products with the theme of space layout in each unveiling
Having an idea-centeredness in each set of products considering the Iranian identity
Using original Iranian art in any design collection
Using brocade art as an indicator of the collection of Rokhsat products
Each product designed in the collection has art value
Suitable products for modern life, but based on the Iranian culture and art content
Product design based on the production possibility
Considering the product collection target group