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Cities and the creative class

Author: Richard Florida Abstract: From the seminal work of Alfred Marshall to the 1920 studies by Robert Park to the…
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The Opposition between Two Models of Labour Market Adjustment: The Case of Audiovisual and Performing Arts Activities in France and Great Britain over a Ten Year Period

Author: Françoise Benhamou  Abstract: The growth of employment in audiovisual andperforming arts activities during a ten year period(1981–1992) in France…
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City competition for the creative class

Authors: Thiess Buettner and Eckhard Janeba Abstract: This paper explores the conditions under which decentralization and fiscal competition lead to…
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Master of Management (Arts and Cultural Management)

The Master of Management (Arts and Cultural Management) is made up of 16 courses; eight arts and cultural management courses,…
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How to Make a Living in the Creative Industries

Authors: WIPO Abstract: Making a living in the creative industries means many different things to different people. For some it…
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Cultural Festivals and Economic Development in Nonmetropolitan Australia

Authors:Chris Gibson, Gordon Waitt, Jim Walmsley and John Connell Abstract: Examining a database of 2,856 festivals in Australia and survey…
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Copyright and Creativity: An Ongoing Debate in the Creative Industries

Author: Terry FLEW Abstract: This paper critically analyzes the divergent perspectives on how copyright and intellectual property laws impact creativity, innovation,…
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Consumer Behavior Characteristics in Fast Fashion

Author: Tina Yinyin Wang Abstract: Currently there is a lack of research in fast fashion consumer behaviors both in academic…
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Creative economy from the perspective of Science and Technology Accessory President

As one of the components of the knowledge-based economy, creative and innovative industries play a significant role in other areas…
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The first call to attract creative Iranian handicraft projects

 Acceleration Center of Roshankhaneh Mashq Honar, Iran’s First Crafts Acceleration Center, focusing on the economic development of the handicrafts, believes…
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Initiation overseas handicraft sales marketing team

Looking at overseas markets, Roshankhaneh Mashq Honar Business Commerce sent out prototypes of artist-made products for marketing and sales to…
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Rural Employment Study Project and Comprehensive Handicraft Center Design

Roshankhaneh Mashq Honar trading activity started from rural handicrafts and in order to achieve the development of rural handicrafts and…